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Beyond Schooling

…On the synthesis between Mercury & Eclipses

Art by Jim Fidora

There are two primary ways to learn. The approach in schools is to receive lessons, then take the test. The other approach is the exact opposite. In life, we are tested first, then we learn the lessons-hopefully-afterward. It’s not to say one is more correct than the other, but it is to say that knowledge isn’t power until it is applied. This eternal truth is essential when considering the movement of planets and how they may influence our lives.

People are often perplexed when I express my excitement for Mercury retrogrades. There can also be slight confusion around my careful take on eclipses and their relationship with dragons. These are two common astrological phenomena of which if I only had taken the lessons and read the books, I’m certain I would be failing the tests on. It has been through their trials and wyrd ways I have learned the lessons. And if I have learned anything of value whatsoever from previous retrogrades and eclipses, it’s that they consistently reroute the directions we were following.

Currently, we are drifting through the dragon hole (eclipse window) with Mercury slowing down in the West, preparing for his station on the 10th/11th (4º Gemini). With eclipses, we must be watchers on the wall for the changes in the wind of the narrative not only in our own lives but in the collective as well. With Mercury cooking up his tricks wearing a wry smile, he will begin deploying them soon enough, trying to keep our toes pointed in the right direction. Both of them defy logic. Both are unpredictable. But they do give clues. And it’s our job to decipher and take all we have learned from both schools.

One obvious clue about the upcoming retrograde comes from a blue bird. The story of Elon Musk acquiring Twitter has flown to the top of most news feeds, and like everything else as of late, has the world divided. He is the trickster. His cryptic humor and handle of meme culture have always brought some life to the toxic online platform. One side sees him saving free speech, the other fears he is reopening the door for the “evil” far-right, and god forbid the Red King to make his comeback tweet. It’s fascinating to watch. A true Gemini education in real-time.

Another clue is the Supreme Court leaked overruling on Roe v Wade. I feel this plot twist has more allegiance to the eclipses, being they are ruled by Venus and Mars, yet the combustion of conflicting ideas and full-circle irony could be the work of the clever one as well. For example, I woke up today to headlines from left-leaning media talking about a horse medication that can be used for DIY abortions. Strange, being that these are the exact same talking heads who were attempting to ravage anyone considering an alternative treatment for the virus, calling it horse paste to smear its possible efficacy. And why horses? Again. Perhaps Castor, the horse whisperer of the twins has a voice in these ridiculous stories. Or not. But it is Gemini and Sagittarius where we find horses in our beloved zodiac.

Finding where we land on such issues is only part of the process. We can also copy and paste the stories into our own lives to maybe see where we are censoring, where we are taking over, where we are being dogmatic, and ultimately where we may be losing touch with nuance. Our job is to swerve around the polarities, picking up the intel needed, and always coming back to the center. From the middle, perhaps at the height of a magnificent tree with snakes and dragons and blue birds with the best tweets all sharing the canopy, we can keep our sense of humor intact, hopefully learning from the collective tests and applying the lessons to our own lives.

A wise one once said, “Smart people learn from their mistakes, yet wise people learn from the mistakes of others.”

The Fool is a wonderful archetype. Yet, sometimes it’s best to not act the fool. Question everything. From all sides. Make up your own mind. Become a thought farmer. And connect with the living sky by any means necessary. Enjoy yourself…and these wild and wyrd transits.



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