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…On the Pallas/Uranus conjunction

Art by Thomas Schwartz

If you’re not familiar with kakorrhaphiophobia, don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s an exotic Greek word that relates to an abnormal fear of failure or public ridicule. Most of us have a touch of this ‘kako’ whether we can admit it or not. We have legions of excuses as to why we can’t put ourselves out there. Whether it’s the stage, an online presence, video, audio, or fill in the medium, the fear of judgment can be paralyzing. But what if we could change this forever. What if there were an opportunity which is present that can assist in such an epiphanous opening? What if…?

Recently, Mercury stationed direct in Taurus. Whenever the Magi stations, some truth comes into focus. One such truth this round was around the Depp/Heard trial (it stationed on their mutual Venus placements). Here we have two people seemingly without kakorrhaphiophobia, being they are actors and willing to hang their poo-stained laundry out for the world to see, but I have my doubts. We all have it to some degree. And with Mercury now moving forward in Taurus, there is a potential clarity around our own worth and our shared humanity. In this case, we all could relate to their relational madness in some way. And with what we know them for, they clearly have moved through some of this paralyzing fear around sharing their musings.

Saturn also just stationed retrograde in Aquarius and will remain until Oct. 22nd.

Whenever a planet goes retrograde, they are closest to us on Earth. With Saturn, we can hear his tough reminders more clearly. We can see how parts of our psyche have calcified over the years and it awakens that part of us that knows where we must change. Whether we make the change is another story. Having this hard-pressed clarity is helpful though, especially if it relates to breaking through our fears of judgment.

And tomorrow (that would be June 6th), there is the rare conjunction between Pallas Athene and Uranus at 16º35' Taurus. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is brilliant for the theme we are exploring here:


A pomegranate broken open

…the seed notion has grown into a flowering miracle that was pollinated successfully, eventually offering the world a fruit with more symbolism than seeds within. From one fruit, ten thousand other plants are possible. Akin to one creation by us, affecting ten thousand others. We have no idea how we affect others. And we definitely will never have a clue if we never share our inspired hearts. This is a symbol that points out a ripeness, a bursting forth, and dares us to hold nothing back. Even Persephone, after eating the six seeds, made a mythic pact around creation. For half the year, she will create with her Mother; for the other six, she will hibernate with her husband in the underneath. There is a time to create and there is time to rest. This is the time to create.

Whatever comes into contact with Uranus is given a chance to see itself from another vector. Its gift is innovation. How Pallas, with her owl eyes of wisdom and capacity for understanding patterns, can be changed by some Promethean insight is a mystery we must explore. There is a glorious kind of justice awaiting to happen within our relationship to this fear of failure. Her spear points directly at the problem, which I’m willing to wager is in the vicinity of our ego. It’s this sense of self, this unique importance we feel in ourselves that holds us back. Instead, if we can learn to see ourselves as conduits of creation, setting the personal aside, our kakorrhaphiophobia won’t stand a chance.

If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing. And if your hands can feel, then you can touch the multitudes.

Don’t be afraid. Create something beautiful for the sake of being able to.



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