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The Three Acts of Venus…A few Venus transits to consider

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

It’s important to have our convictions, yet it’s just as important to be able to allow our minds to be changed around them.

Art by Victor Grey

Attraction seems to be the starting point. We move toward what pulls at us and the more time we spend there, the more we tend to value it. Then come our convictions. The more convinced we are, the more we value the subject of our adoration. This process has much to do with Venus. And currently, as a morning star, in her home turf of Taurus, this entire process may be clear with something specific in your life. Yesterday, she squared off with Saturn; Today (the 19th of June) she is sextile to Neptune; and on the 21st, there will be a trine with Pluto. More on these three in a paragraph or two.

Dostoyevsky once said (hopefully I’m still allowed to quote a Russian), “The wisest of all, in my opinion, is he who can, if only once a month, call himself a fool.” Tough work, yet a worthy pursuit. Plants, planets, and bitcoin are a few of my favorite things. With all three my convictions have been stress-tested more than once and I have been left feeling like a fool just as many times.

With plants-especially the ones who grant access to an evening with the gods-I have gone from a young, evangelical psychonaut to an old centaur who knows what they all do but rarely partakes. My foolishness was thinking they were a panacea. They are helpers, no doubt there, but I have seen too many who remain dazed and confused, dressed as Indians, reeking like palo santo (been there) far past the point of the need for medicine.

With planets, I have gone from a fledgling sky gazer with stunningly immature convictions about how astrology can help us in all areas of our lives to an aging wizard with more doubts about how it’s used, than convictions of its use cases. I’ve become disenchanted with the predictive and even the overly simplified explanations of how the planets make us tick. It’s my foolishness matched by a deep love for astrology that keeps me going.

And with bitcoin (and the rest), I have gone from being convinced crypto fixes the world, to a cautious bitcoin maximalist who will always be perplexed why these degens are paying millions for pixelated pictures of rocks. I feel foolish for thinking any of it was decentralized except for bitcoin. I also feel foolish thinking it would never breach this low again. Yet, I continue to stack sats.

With all these, I have felt foolish more times than I can count on my fingers and toes, yet my connection to them remains. Venus is still present, meaning my heart is still in them, fully. Yesterday, when she squared Saturn, just as all models were broken for bitcoin, all the while the haters were declaring bitcoin to be once again dead, I felt the stress test. We all did. In the same way as a bad trip or a cringe astrological reading, it was a test of my convictions. Whether that connection remains always relies on how fully we understand something. Our connections are always tested. Isn’t this what relationships are all about?

Today, with Venus sextile Neptune, it’s a perfect way to recover: to completely let go and trust in our thesis. We never know enough to worry. So with whatever has been coming up for you, Neptune always grants us easy access to the imaginal, bringing us closer to the Truth of whatever it is we adore.

And as far as what we can expect on the 21st with the trine to Pluto, we will likely be given some deeper insight into the struggle, helping us to further transmute our relationship to all toxicity present with the objects of our desires. Working with Venus is a beautiful thing. She is good at helping us refine how we spend our time, energy, and hard-earned satoshis.

To track her flowering movements, simply find Taurus in your chart and go from there.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends.

Thanks for reading.



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