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Training Grounds

…On the Mars/Chiron conjunction

Art by Anders

We all have our predictions. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all little soothsayers speculating on how this or that will turn out. As an astrologer, we are expected to have an advantage over the rest, but really, none of us truly know what’s to come. Though, W.D Gann once sagely mused while looking at his charts, “If you wish to predict the future, look to the past. There is nothing new under the Sun.” I tend to agree. Backtesting our theories is the only way to know what is coming around the bend.

Take the Mars/Chiron conjunction that’s happening on Wednesday the 15th (15º57' Aries). We could say this is a remarkable time to heal the masculine, to uproot our frustrations, and take our anger out in healthier ways. Now, even though that’s in the realm of possibility, the last time it occurred, in the Summer of 2020, just before Mars went retrograde, the world was on fire, people were losing their minds due to lockdowns, BLM was hitting the streets hard, and the US elections were just around the corner. The opportunity was there, yet the vibe was caustic, to say the least. It’s hard to see much of a difference this round. Same themes, with even more heat and frustration.

On the day of the conjunction, the FOMC will meet yet again and likely raise the interest rates once more, attempting to combat the inflation they created with their Keynesian money-creating madness. What does this mean? More pain for all markets save certain commodities like oil, wheat, and other essentials. Meaning, higher prices at the pump, for food, and for energy. If we were to take Gann’s advice to learn from the past, a few other times in history when inflation was this high were in the late 70’s (when Chiron was discovered), around the World Wars, and just after the US became a country. The response in those chapters won’t work today, not without destroying the world economy. So what’s coming next?

At the risk of sounding conspiratorial, I find it impossible to believe that the FED and the powers that be behind the dark curtains didn’t think ‘printing’ nearly 10 trillion dollars in the past couple of years wouldn’t cause record-breaking inflation, but they are pretending that is the case. They are calling it Putin’s price hike. It’s a lie. And because I find this impossible to believe, it’s hard not to think it was all on purpose. But why? And what of Mars and Chiron?

There’s a lot of talk of a Great Reset. Of the WEF saying that “we will own nothing, and we will be happy.” More of a meme than anything at this point, yet it’s starting to seem accurate. The unfairness of this setup is enough to make our blood boil. Not only are we losing because of the hidden tax of inflation, but we’ve been robbed of the opportunity to have a normal life without the risk of losing everything. If you’re not enraged, you’re not paying attention. This is where the training ground matters. The complex between Mars and Chiron is one of Luke and Yoda, Grogu and Luke, and between us and our greatest mentors. We must train. We must channel our rage. We must fight the narrative by opting out of theirs. And yes, bitcoin is an option, but because of the correlation to traditional markets still, it remains a dangerous entry, and I’m never trying to give financial advice here anyways. But we do need more decentralized systems. We need more grassroots organizations. We must do our best to not allow their narratives to make us lose our center. We gotta keep a cool head and do our best to remain living from the heart. Chiron helps with this.

The Mars/Chiron conjunction happens every two years. Every time they meet I’ve noticed a clear uptick in the global insanity, thus giving us the chance to hold our ground state in the middle of the madness. It’s important to not take sides. To not signal our virtues or even wave a flag. I think what Chiron teaches us best is how to find the path into the forest, and how to listen to an alternative story. We need a new story. This is our chance. As storytellers, we always have a choice of how we tell it.

Keep training. Don’t stay glued to the charts. Go wild. Question everything. Find the others. They are there, just don’t lose hope. We were born for this!



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