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Unlikely Victories

…On Jupiter in Aries & Mercury’s journey into the heart of the Sun

Art by Rizza

Everyone loves the underdog. Whether it’s David vs. Goliath, George and the Dragon, or the team with the lowest odds to win, we tend to cheer on those most unlikely to come out victorious. Yet, the “winners” will do everything in their power to stay on top. When applied to government and the media machine, we can assume they are the dragon, and the rest of us as hobbits trembling at the idea of facing them. But we must.

With Jupiter now in Aries until late October and Mercury racing for the heart of the Sun in the midst of two eclipses, it may feel like we are indeed battling dragons. If you are exposed to any market at the moment, you know the bloodbath I speak of (ie. Luna came back to earth and Terra is imploding; FAANG stocks as well, like a lost tooth down a wishing well); If you are a news junkie, you are likely swinging your sword at the new thing, whether that be Russia, the Roe v Wade reveal, or the insidious inflation affecting your life; And even if you are completely tuned out from the outside world, likely, your inner one has a sky filled with dragons. It’s in deep-sky storms like these where stories change and heroes are made.

When it comes to Jupiter, we get an ingress into a new sign each year. The last time Jupiter was in Aries was 2010/11. The Arab Spring, Fukushima, and Occupy Wall Street were a few of the battles we faced back then. Now, it’s no different. The same three stories are just as relevant today as they were then: War in the East, nuclear concerns, and financial corruption. What’s interesting about Jupiter is how it influences our cultural dialogue. As a social planet, along with Saturn, there is an evident influence Jupiter seems to have on the zeitgeist. What might we expect from his time in Aries? Perhaps shockwaves from the past in twelve-year intervals, and new eruptions to come. It’s high time to remember the power of the 99%. We create our future, not some suit.

And when it comes to Mercury and the tricky interventions all around us, we must think hermetically. All the tangles are coded messages. Every time we are on the verge of losing it, we must take that breath and ask what is being shown to us. The Chandra Symbol for the cazimi on May 22nd echoes this well:

1º Gemini:

Knots in a cord. They are a message in code.

…every knot is an input of intel. The spaces between even more. Every MRI (Mercury retrograde intervention) is a blessing from a god who only seems to get attention when he is close and Rx. It’s our job to do our best to decipher, then-hopefully- learn.

The victories we need may seem unlikely, yet if it wasn’t for the underdog and impossible odds, we wouldn’t be here today. History is full of unlikely victories. We just need the vision and the willingness to dream up a better world and hold the line. We must be that change. Fear no dragon.




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