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Solar Eclipse

Story of Adam Sommer

.: The Journey:.

I'm one of those accidental Astrologers.  I never set out to be one, in fact, until my early 20's, I wasn't even aware it was a career path.  But after a series of fortunate events and a synchronicity storm which exposed my mind wide open to the stars, I found myself starting a podcast in the Spring of 2009 called Exploring Astrology.  My intention was to use the platform (one that most people didn't even know existed at the time) to talk to the authors of all the books I was reading; I wanted it to be a recorded learning experience that could benefit anyone interested in the subject.  And now, a quick 13 years later, I've recorded hundreds of shows, worked with thousands of clients, and even hosted a handful of retreats as well.  The show is now called Holes to Heavens.


When people ask: So what kind of Astrology do you do? My answer is simple: Astrology.  My foundation is traditional (Jyotish and a bit Hellenistic) and I'm deeply influenced by the Jungian and Mythic approach to much of this. The spirit of my relationship to Astrology is awe.  My goal is to always be as close to what I call 'kosmognosis,' hopefully sharing some of this good magic with my listeners, readers, and clients.


Most recently, I have been learning much from W. D Gann, applying his wild methods to Bitcoin and a few other markets as well.

I currently live in Dartmoor, UK.

.: My Intention:.

To be of the most assistance I can be to you and the rest of the astrological/mythical world by animating these stories, these skies, and these ways of understanding in a way that gets you more excited each time you read or listen to my work. I also pray, that through my work you find a couple of holes to travel down and that you find some heaven by doing so.

Hope you like what you find

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