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Become a Certified Astrologer

The Apprenticeship Recordings


Art by Daria Hlazatova

I created these Apprenticeship recordings 10 years ago in order to share what I have learned - not just my studies in Astrology, but from the countless hours of working one on one with clients. 


There is something magical that occurs in a Reading. It is an invitation for a third guest - a cosmic informant, a planet, a god, a spell caster - who helps us take that mythic leap.  The experience of this I call kosmognosis.  It is what I’m trying to teach through these apprenticeship classes. 


By giving you the basics of Astrology as well as strong connections to the more advanced techniques, and with a little myth and story, this program has been a sturdy foundation for students to confidently start their careers in Astrology. 


If this is what you desire, this program is for you.*

*And if you would like to get certified as a professional, that will require two tutoring sessions with me, and two Readings recorded and sent to me: one midterm, one at the end.

** You can email with any questions:

This Apprenticeship was recorded in 2018 LIVE. 


All classes have been edited down so only the teaching content is there and none of the Q&A's etc.

What you will learn..

How to clearly read an Astrology Chart.

All the basics.

Plus many advanced techniques as well.

How to become the most effective practicing Astrologer

*All levels welcome

Once purchased, you will receive a LINK to the Google Drive folder which contains a PDF with links to all the material.

All class recordings are around 2hrs in length.

Find the full Syllabus HERE*


*please note that the 'labs' with TA's and buddy program are no longer available within

The Apprenticeship - instead you will have access to the class recordings (and 2 tutoring sessions with me)


Please let me know if you have any issues accessing the classes.


Latest Review of the Course..

“I started listening to The Exploring Astrology Podcast about three years ago, when I began my first full-time corporate job, and had zero clue how to make my life meaningful. My interest in Astrology at that time was still a bud. As I listened to Adam’s podcast, that bud flourished, and I soon became enamored with Astrology. About two years later, I reached out to take on the Apprenticeship Program that prepares you for becoming a professional astrologer and giving astrological consultations. Adam has the gift of language and example. He speaks about Astrology in a non-commercial, artistic way, and can back it up with concrete resources – drawing material from history, ancient myths, natal chart correlations, and beyond. If you decide to take the Apprenticeship program, you will be immersed in this language – and rewire your brain to think differently about modern-day Astrology. This is certainly what happened to me after completing the program. Adam brought a lightness, sense of humor, and focused guidance to each and every class, to help me better understand the more complicated astrological concepts, and gain confidence as an amateur astrologer. As a result, I learned necessary foundational skills to create my own language and intuitive strategy – which, to me, is in every astrologer’s path.”

Ailsa. (Graduated of the Program.  Kundalini teacher, Writer, Astrologer)


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