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The Planets


The Sun

The Sun is the center of everything in our Solar System. We can take this astronomical Truth and apply it to Astrology as well.  All of the planets are revolving around the Sun.  It is the life giver.  The magnetic emperor holding the whole scene together.  And the way it gives is key to understanding the Sun in the Horoscope.
It radiates beyond personality, yet within it, and  into all of our cells as well.  It holds information.  Packed within its photons is the Truth of existence: Light. Love.  And the Eternal Now.
Understanding the Sun just by Sign is only a fragment of its entirety.  We must consider its relationship to the Moon, whether it was up or down when a person was born, all planetary aspects, angles, and other such factors as well.
The purpose of the Sun is to show us how we too can become a star!


The Moon

The Moon is the mirror of Pure Consciousness.  In its waxing and waning, we get to witness the changing of the tides–within and without.  Governing the movements of all life’s waters, it flows easily into our emotional bodies and subjective realities.  In a sense, the Moon is the closet thing to the idea of the ego.
She is a pattern generating machine.  All the experiences in life are filtered through the Moon.  We dream through the Moon. We process and personalize and habituate through the Moon as well, on the perpetual search for safety within this temporary abode.  And so, all things that keep us safe, like mothers and homes and safe havens are Moon temples.  They show us how to be nourished, but also how to nourish.
When working with the Moon in the Horoscope, the first element we want to distill is its relationship to the Sun. Knowing which phase it’s in, tells us just as much as Sign, House, and Aspect.  The Moon is mood, and to some degree, we are all food for the Moon.



Mercury is perception.  All information coming in and going out is a mercurial function.  The androgynous heyoka commands language, all forms of communication, thoughts, manas, and interest.  He/she reminds us that energy goes where attention goes and illustrates precisely how thoughts create reality.
Being the fastest moving of all the Planets, it is sometimes hard to track the subtlties of Mercury’s movements, but none-the-less, they are there.  Flying between the evening and morning skies, going retrograde every three months, for three weeks, Mercury is ok being the third wheel.  It is never bored.
In the horoscope, Mercury tells us about the functioning of an individuals intellect: the speed, the style, the processor, the RAM, the components that make us cognitive and intelligent.  Never overlook Mercury in the chart.  He, in many of the stories, gave us Astrology.

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