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Counselling Skills for Astrologers

Counselling Skills for Astrologers

A wise Astrologer once said to me, “Half of the job of being an Astrologer is dispelling the mistakes of the intellect left by previous Astrologers.” 


We don’t want to be that Astrologer.  Nor do we want to be that client. 


This class is meant to help you sharpen your skills with clients.  It’s also a class not meant for Astrologers only.  Anyone who works with others in a one on one context could benefit from this class.  I hope you can join us live, where I will also be illustrating the techniques in real-time with a volunteer.


Hopefully, you will learn something both new and old by watching…oOo


*This is a recording from a live online class. There is a lot of content to work with and to learn from when watching in the future. 


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  • Accessing the class

    Once purchased you will recieve a link to a file which will contain all the information you need to access the video and audio recording (held in Google Drive)

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