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Dreaming with the Moon Class

Dreaming with the Moon Class

If I were to choose one astrological technique that has taught me the most about how this all works, it would have to be tracking the Moon with my dreaming.  The way in which our satellite pulls in the themes of every planetary placement in our charts is not just uncanny, it’s extremely helpful in learning the subtle language of the gods.  It’s also a way of remembering the old ways, the techniques of Asclepius and Chiron, and how they related to dreams.  Our dreams are much more than a subconscious cinema while we sleep.  They are helping us wake up.


What you will learn…

  • How to track the Moon throughout your chart and correlate it with your dreaming

  • Why this is one of the best ways of learning Astrology and encountering living myth.

  • The difference between sidereal and phase returns

  • Applied deeply to a few powerful chart examples, you will see exactly how this works


*All levels welcome


Once purchased, you will receive a LINK to the Google Drive folder which contains a PDF with links to all the material: Call-in info and the video and audio recordings of the class (available after the live recording).




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