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The Apprenticeship Recordings

The Apprenticeship Recordings

The Apprenticeship recordings are a compilation of classes I taught between 2020-2023 meant to update and replace the 18' recordings.  It's designed for all levels  It's meant to give you a foundational understanding of Astrology.  It's also a focus on the stories and the myth's behind all the planets and signs.  Also, if you desire to become a certified astrologer, these are the recordings you must watch, alongside working with me one on one.  If you are interested in that path, please email me.


*There are 36 classes in the series

* The Constellating Psyche "Planets," The Constellating Psyche "Signs," and the Working with Charts series are all included


Hopefully, you will learn something both new and old by watching…oOo


These were designed to be eternally relevant.


* Once purchased you will receive a link to a PDF file (to download) which will contain the link to a Google Drive Folder with all the classes within the Planetary Series for you to work your way through, and continue to enjoy.

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