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The Dream Cartography series

The Dream Cartography series

At the end of 2023 and into 24', I decided to do a proper exploration of the connection between dreams and astrology.  It's a correlation all dreamers who study astrology notice early on.  It's uncanny how the moon is a dreamcatcher and how all the transits manifest in our nocturnal slumbers.  We cover the techniques for study, prophetic dreams, nightmares, and even night terrors.  With these 3 classes, you will be set for a lifetime of unparalleled dreaming.  Guaranteed!



  • Dream Cartography pt. 1 "Moon Catcher"
  • Dream Cartography pt. 2 "Nightmares & Terrors"
  • Dream Cartography pt. 3 "Prophetic dreaming"

Once purchased you will receive a link to a PDF file (to download) which will contain the link to a Google Drive Folder with all the classes within the Aspects Series for you to work your way through, and continue to enjoy.

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