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The Mercury Journey

The Mercury Journey

The Mercury Journey is designed to track an entire synodic cycle where each time we meet for a reading, it's at a pivotal part of the cycle.  Not unlike the other Journeys I offer (Venus, Mars, etc.), it's a way to learn what it means to truly track a cycle and learn from the planet (god).  Condensed over a 4 month period, this package is meant for anyone interested in learning more about Mercury, who may be experiencing writer's block, or simply wants to have a more magical relationship to their lives.  The Mercury synodic cycle never ceases to amaze.


  •  Journeys like these, including the Complete Reading, are all 50% off per Reading. I incentivize this because I believe it’s the best I can offer.  Doing more than one Reading like this is essential to have a complete understanding of how a planet or cycle functions.


  • I am also open to payment plans as well.


Once your Reading has been purchased, I will respond as quickly as possible for scheduling.  If the email is different from the one used with payment, please let me know in the notes or by email.


* All Readings include Recordings and Charts

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