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The Moon Dasha Class

The Moon Dasha Class

Live Online: June 30th, 24';  9pm BST/4pm Eastern

…Downloadable afterward!


We now move on to the second luminary of the Dasha sequence, that of the Moon. Longer than the Sun's 6 years, we are given a solid decade with the Moon to reflect on all our karma associated with the changing one.  Family matters, deep psychological patterning, and awakening empathic gifts are all game within this decade of our lives.  That and so much more will be explored in this continuation of the Vimshottari Dasha series.  I hope you can join us live.


*It's good if you watched the previous classes, but it's not required.  You can jump in whenever you would like.


What you will learn…

    • How to best work with the Moon Dasha

    • Why it's one of the most important decades of our lives

    • What is the true purpose of "moon work" anyway?

  • Applied deeply to a few LIVE chart examples as well


*All levels welcome

Once purchased, you will receive a LINK to the Google Drive folder which contains a PDF with links to all the material: Call-in info and the video and audio recordings of the class (available after the live recording).




I hope you will learn something both new and old by watching…oOo


*Even if you missed it live, there will still be plenty of content to work with and learn from in the future. So if you are in the future, don’t fret about missing the class. Hopefully, it will remain relevant up to the moment you are reading this...

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