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The Nodes & Eclipse package

The Nodes & Eclipse package

It was the Nodes of the Moon that ultimately convinced me of the power of astrology.  And my fascination has never waned.  Include eclipses, their families, and all the insights into the eternal debate on the nature of Rahu and Ketu, and you discover a lifelong study that will never let you down.  In this package, there are 6 classes I have taught over the years on the subject of both the Nodes and Eclipses.  Even though a couple of the classes may seem time-sensitive, they are not. Enjoy!



  • The Nodes pt. 1 "Quest for the storied tongue"
  • The Nodes pt. 2 "Quest continued"
  • The Eclipse class pt. 1 "Dragon holes"
  • The Eclipse class pt. 2 "Eclipse season"
  • The Ketu class "Ancestral Twine"
  • The Nodes in Gemini/Sag


Once purchased you will receive a link to a PDF file (to download) which will contain the link to a Google Drive Folder with all the classes within the Aspects Series for you to work your way through, and continue to enjoy.

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