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The Sextile Class

The Sextile Class

Live/Online: May 28th, 2023; 9pm UK, 4pm Eastern

…Downloadable afterward!


This is the second installment of the Aspects series.  Sextiles aren't considered a major aspect, yet they are still vital in understanding the relationship between two planets or points that are 60º away from each other.  They show an elemental alliance —Fire loves Air; Earth holds Water; Air dances with Fire; and, of course, Water gives life to Earth. When we divide the chart by 6, we get 6 of these 60º spaces.  It's called the 6th harmonic.  In this class we will learn all about it.


What you will learn…

    • How to interpret sextiles in any chart

    • Knowing the difference between waxing and waning sextiles

    • A bit more about the legendary Pluto/Neptune sextile we are all born with

  • Applied deeply to a few powerful chart examples as well


*All levels welcome

Once purchased, you will receive a LINK to the Google Drive folder which contains a PDF with links to all the material: Call-in info and the video and audio recordings of the class (available after the live recording).



I hope you will learn something both new and old by watching…oOo

*Even if you missed it live, there will still be plenty of content to work with and learn from in the future. So if you are in the future, don’t fret about missing the class live. Hopefully, it will remain relevant.

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