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The Venus Classes

The Venus Classes

This is a package of 6 classes I've taught on Venus over the years.  They cover everything from how to work with synodic cycles, synastry, the differences between morning and evening stars, and all the fascinating myths behind the Goddess. If you've ever wanted to have a deeper understand of the Venus Star Point and how to use it in your practice, these are the classes for you.  Here is a list of the classes you will be granted access to:


  • The Venus Class "Lotus & the Underneath"
  • The Venus Class "Love & Essential Lights"
  • The Venus Rx class "Aries"
  • The Venus Rx class "Gemini"
  • The Venus Rx class "Scorpio"


This package will certainly answer any questions you may have about Venus and her beautiful cycles.  There may be a few hidden gems in the 12hrs of content as well, I'm sure of it.

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