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The Venus Journey

The Venus Journey

The Venus Journey is designed in sync with her synodic cycle.  We will meet 5 times at significant points in her 584-day cycle, distilling the finest nectar of what is happening in your heart and chart.  By going on deep journey’s like this, you can think of it as extended counseling, but with Venus by your side—or, on your side.  The goal? To help you see the way in which Venus weaves intricate stories in your life within her harmonic cycle and to help you connect with what you love most.


  •  Journeys like these, including the Complete Reading, are all 50% off per Reading. I incentivize this because I believe it’s the best I can offer.  Doing more than one Reading like this is essential to have an entire understanding of how Venus affects your life. 

  • I am also open to payment plans as well.


Once your Reading has been purchased, I will respond as quickly as possible for scheduling.  If the email is different from the one used with payment, please let me know in the notes or by email.


* All Readings include mp3 Recording and Charts

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